Friday, 4 May 2012

Ephedra Sinica

                      Ephedra Sinica, joint fir, mormon tea.

Google checkout and Paypal will not let me sell E. sinica, plants or seeds, on my site because i would have to go through their checkouts.
They have decided that this is an 'undesirable plant' (their words not mine!) and therefore is unnacceptable.

We have live Ephedra sinica plants at £6.99

and packs of 20 Ephedra sinica seeds for £4.29

To order please contact us here
We accept Paypal, Cards through Google Checkout, bank transfers and cheques/cash in the post!

They have a very odd way of germinating.I planted 50 seeds in May 2011.
The first signs of life appeared about 10 days after planting and the rest continued to germinate for the next 3 months!
No particular pattern to it, much like Where's Wally?! Every now and then I would look into the pot and find another seed had sprouted.
These are one of the slowest things we grow. Like waiting for continental drift!
The picture above shows some of them at about 10 months old!!
They grow about an inch, then seem to stop, change direction and start on again for another inch.
E.Sinica seems to like dryish compost, with good drainage and lots of direct sun.
We have live E.sinica plants and vaible seeds available all the time, so if you want some please let us know.


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    1. I agree with all of the above. however, as this is such a ridiculously slow growing plant i dont think it qualifies as a quick high. The ones in the picture above are several years old! Also we only grow the plants as ornamental, like all our plants.
      Caffeine has more to answer for than ephedrine when it comes to the population's blood pressure though. but thanks for your input!

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